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Cadernos Sensórios Corpo Palavra

This collection aims to echo the poetic resonances that emerge from the experience with the practices of Word Body Laboratory in its actions of learning and experimentation processes in the arts of the body and cartographic, somatic and performance writings. Throughout each ebook, textual compositions are revealed, articulated with the bending capacity of the body and the layers of the skin in an intertwining of read-write-speak actions. The body as a passage of vital flows in constant transits between thinking-moving-feeling. Choreographies and dramaturgies anchored in the experimentation of cartographic bodies, which perform an event, can contribute to a remodulation of our presences.

Ebook 1: Vertigem Infinita

Book launch at the III International Colloquium on Arts at the University of Caldas - Colombia:

Video with poetic readings of the book:


Ebook 2: Forças Intermoleculares

Project awarded by Federal Law Aldir Blanc

Sensitive Cartographies Art Show Magazine

Texts from the entire creative team, along with the testimonies of the members of Word Body Laboratory: choreographies and cartographic dramaturgy - artistic residency for 7 consecutive weeks from January to March 2021, with daily meetings in virtual format.

Artistic and Conception Direction: Aline Bernardi

Dramaturgy: Ligia Tourinho

Direction Assistance: Lia Petrelli

Production Direction: Aline Bernardi

Executive Production: Laura Addor

Press Office: Racca Comunicação Communication

Direction: Rachel Almeida

Podcast: Lia Petrelli

Libras Translators: Atanael Weber , Cíntia Santos, Gabriela Mattos and Meire Lins

Graphic Project: Emerson Ferreira and Nativu Design

Site: Pedro Sá Moraes

Mediation of the Official Release: Richard Riguetti

Ebook 3: Texturas Translúcidas


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