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Project awarded by Federal Law Aldir Blanc


Touch: communication with the environment. Hands: handicrafts of touch. Moebius: topological surface that unites inside-outside. Inspired by studies by artists such as Lygia Clark, Yvonne Rainer, Regina Silveira, Lenora de Barros, Sophia Neuparth, among many who perceive such nuances, the construction of Mãoebius proposes the multiple weaving of rhythms, monochromatic tones and improvised movements. 32 artists intertwine their hand gestures and move the moébidic relationship of affective exchanges, under the artistic direction and design of Aline Bernardi, choreography and visual montage by Lia Petrelli, from the material mobilized by the collective in the second module of the immersion of the Word Body Laboratory.

Direction artistic design and conception by Aline Bernardi

choreography and visual montage by Lia Petrelli

Soundtrack: Violão (Acuerdos): Delframed Fuego

Youtube link - Launch of video art at the Sensitive Cartografias Show: com/watch?v=Hqor5nEa0ho&t=133s


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