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Celeiro Moebius (Moebius Barn) is an artistic label and communal space that houses artistic encounters and various initiatives in dialogue with the pedagogical and artistic proposition of Lab Corpo Palavra (Word Body Laboratory) — the convergence point of multiple languages, fostering intertwining creative processes within a cartographic perspective.

Celeiro Moebius’s name was conceived in dialogue with the topological surface of the Moebius strip, as a means for perceiving a relationship with the skin as a transit of flows, sensations and images. In this environment, we investigate the human capacity to recognize physical experience by moving in space through daily gestures, as well as the enlarged and intensive body within the construction of scenic presence, entangling self-creation processes and artistic creation processes. Realizing that we can simultaneously affect and be affected: this is the key element of  Celeiro Moebius’s work. More than providing a home for collecting memories, we are a space for germination, collective care, embracement and affection, within encounters aimed at communal and expansive growth.


Inaugurated in 2020, Celeiro Moebius aggregates artistic productions from various regions of Brazil, exposing the richness of diversity specific to each of the various territories in a plural convergence, understanding that each individual contribution, shared through a process of open communication and listening, impacts the collective sum. The artists who integrate Celeiro Moebius constantly contribute to our learnings, weaving the threads of the art-life weft.




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Artists from

Moebius Barn

Image by Jonathan Borba

Lecture series

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