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Lab Corpo Palavra is an artistic and pedagogical proposal which develops creations in dance, body art and performing arts that investigate intersections between word and body within the creative process, acknowledging the bond between life and art. Through dynamics, performers modulate bodily presence, movement quality, and production-process of (un) knowledge.

The aim is to offer an environment for experimenting modulations of body graphics - choreographies and dramaturgies of movement, understood as writings of the body in space in a cartographic perspective. Cartography is based on the assumption and recognition that one is continually in process. Thus, being an artist/researcher is being a cartographer of your poésis in the encounter with the information that comes through relational experience with the world. A cartographer is defined by the sensitive availability that he or she offers to his/her reality production process. It is essential to be in constant learning with the movement that emerges from the tension between vital flows and territorial organization, a cyclical path of deterritorialization and reterritorialization.


The Word Body Laboratory activates listening to the intensities of affection while the body moves and writes simultaneously, while dancing and speaking, while moving and reading at the same time. Decipher sensations, produce and displace senses while practicing body-writing and body-speech in the transitory aspects of attention. 

Creating intimacy with the micro-movements of the body's internal spaces and interconnectedness with external spaces promotes an inauguration of paths in ways of thinking and moving.

The construction of presence is a journey that involves encounters and affections. The relations between writing-body and speech-body are called to a becoming-fall, making the preservation of pre-established and codified forms between reason and sensation, between body and thought vulnerable; mobilizing a writing integrated to the vital flow of the moving body, opening up to the creation of other connections with thought. 


The methodology has been developed by artist Aline Bernardi during a research that began in 2012 with the Corpo Palavra seminars at Faculdade Angel Vianna, in Rio de Janeiro, unleashed during intensive training in performance and in the Artistic Investigation program at CEM (Centro in Movement in Lisbon/Portugal); in the Post-Graduation in Body Preparation for the Performing Arts at Faculdade Angel Vianna PCA/FAV; and in the Master`s Dance / PPGDAN UFRJ. 

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