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The Cycle of Lectures and the Round of Talks are meeting spaces for artists and researchers of dance, writing, performing arts and body studies, which take place at the Youtube Channel Celeiro Moebius. The proposal is to talk about the thoughts and practices that involve the processes of artistic creation in the relationship between body and word. 


What is the implication of the body in the act of writing? Is it possible to write while we move? What are the perceived affects between reason and sensibility? How can the poetry of the body interfere in the creative act? These are some of the questions that open up a field of conversation, and that resonate with the research interests of Body Word Lab.


Below are links to the contents that are already available in our channel:


# Hélia Borges, psychoanalyst. PhD in Public Health from the Institute of Social Medicine of UERJ. Professor of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies at Faculdade Angel Vianna. Researcher on topics related to art, psychoanalysis and subjectivation processes, she is also the author of the books The Contemporary Clinic and the Abyss of Sense and Skin Breaths: Murmur of the World:


#Katya Gualter has been a research artist and dance manager for many years, works with bodies that speak about methodologies inspired by the Orixás, and aims to bring the relationship between the black body, the artist body and the management body, speaking more deeply beyond the space management, arrived to questions about knowledge management itself, raising the importance of these places in the bodily practices that think the protagonism of the black body. Her trajectory goes between coordination and head of the body art department at UFRJ, assuming the direction of the School of Physical Education and Sports at UFRJ in January 2016, being reelected in 2019, she has been in the management of one of the largest social and dance research in our country.


#Sandra Benites Guarani Nhandewa, indigenous thinker of the Guarani ethnicity, elementary and high school teacher, diffuser of her ancestral wisdom and the worldview of the original peoples, anthropologist, art educator and artisan, sees in her work a greater purpose: natural of ethnicity Guarani Nhandewa, from the village of Porto Lindo, in Mato Grosso do Sul. Doctoral student in Social Anthropology at the National Museum of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), in 2020 he took on the adjunct curatorship of MASP - Art Museum of São Paulo Assis Chateubriand , becoming the first indigenous curator in Brazil. :


#Maria Alice Poppe is one of the most recognized contemporary dance dancers today. She is a researcher and collaborator in dance creation processes weaving plots as a thinker and practitioner of the body, writings and thought. Through interdisciplinary dialogues, he investigates the poetic-political relations between body, floor, weight, gravity and fall in a hybrid perspective of gesture and thought. PhD in Performing Arts by UNIRIO, Master in Visual Arts by the School of Fine Arts at UFRJ. She is currently Adjunct Professor of Dance Courses at UFRJ where she develops the research project LINE: dances, drifts and thinking; resident artist of the Rio de Janeiro Choreographic Center and writes for the digital platform Pressenza:


#Ondjaki is a member of the Angolan Writers' Union, Angolan preacher and poet, born in Luanda. Degree in Sociology from ISCTE (Portugal) and doctorate in African Studies (L'Orientale, Napoli / Italy). Received the Sagrada Esperança awards (Angola, 2004); Short Story - APE (Portugal, 2007); Grinzane for “young African author” (Italy / Ethiopia, 2008); FNLIJ (Brasil, 2010); Juvenile JABUTI (Brazil, 2010). It is currently translated into French, Spanish, Italian, German, English, Serbian and Swedish; writes chronicles for newspapers (Angola, Portugal) and cinema, in addition to occasionally being a teacher of creative writing. :


#Ana Kfouri is a theater director and actress, a PhD. in Visual Arts at UFRJ and a professor at the Performing Arts Course at PUC-Rio. She is one of the coordinators of the first Lato Sensu Postgraduate course in Performing Arts: Relations between Body and Word, from PUC-Rio, which is starting in March 2021. In addition to doing a post-doctorate at PPGAC ECo UFRJ, Ana inaugurated her space dedicated to artistic research, the Ana Kfouri Study Center, CEAK, in 2017. Among many achievements and achievements, its scenic construction A Phrase for My Mother, which continues in unfolding, stands out; and the launch of his book Forças de Um Corpo Vazado, released in Rio de Janeiro by the publishers 7Letras and PuC-Rio. :


#Soraya Jorge is a researcher and artist of the movement and the word gesture, and introducer of the Authentic Movement [@movimentoautentico] in Brazil and provided us with experiences on the moving body and the witness body, with practices and theories on how we can activate and taste movements internal and external that expand to the world. Ruth Torralba and Lidia Larangeira, dance teachers at UFRJ and coordinators of the research nucleus, Studies and Meetings in Dance @onucleo, brought us the experience about Dreaming the Floor, activating body joints from the spine, trunk, internal rhythm, connecting notions of connection between heaven, earth and elements of nature activating the importance of dreaming and being attentive to the enchantments of life.


#Ciane Fernandes is a full professor at the School of Theater at the Federal University of Bahia and one of the founders of the Postgraduate Program in Performing Arts at this university; Master and Ph.D. in Arts & Humanities for Performing Arts Performers at New York University, Movement Analyst at Laban / Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (New York), where she is an associate researcher. Author of several publications, including the books Pina Bausch and the Wuppertal Dance-Theater: Repetition and Transformation, The Body in Movement: The Laban / Bartenieff System in Training and Research in the Performing Arts, and the most recent Cristal Dance: Da Movement Art to the Somatic-Performative Approach. He also gives performance lectures and immersions in Brazil and abroad, including with members of the Coletivo A-FETO de Dança-Teatro, which he founded in 1997.: 2231s


#Ana Paula Bouzas is an actress, dancer, choreographer and movement director.

The relationship of intensive forces in the transits of the word and the movement to open states of presence in the scenic construction are elements present in the provocations that Bouzas brings us. In their experience, the collective experienced body expressiveness and syllabic sound in a state of disgust for each word. Pedro Sá Moraes is a singer, composer, actor and researcher at Teatro Canção.


The experience that brought us led the collective to connect movement and voice based on the qualities of water, earth, air and fire, simultaneously articulating tone, rhythm, speed and tone. During the experience we were able to try compositions, which we had already opened in our creation journey, with other connections of breathing and body movement.

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