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writing: earth, water, blood

Project awarded by Funarte Respirarte

writing: earth, water, blood

The video "escrita: terra, água, sangua" celebrates the meeting of two artists, Aline Bernardi and Lia Petrelli, during the 2020 quarantine through researches of Word Body Laboratory. The convergence point of these investigations: the gesture of writing and the asemic sensation of the body moving on multiple surfaces and supports - walls, canvases, skins. On the way to asking questions about female writing, the body manufactures ink in menstrual cycles and the two female artists propose to write with their own blood on earth and water - a rhythmic listening in relation to the drops of the female pulse that it flows monthly. In this fabric they listen to the holes in the body: mouth, pores, eyes, nose, ear, vagina, navel announcing the strength of what they want to communicate. A writing of affects sangua on the screen.

Word Body Laboratory is a pedagogical artistic procedure, authored by Aline Bernardi, which offers a field of investigation of the body and the word in the interweaving of the processes of self-creation in dialogue with the processes of artistic creation. The aim is to create an experimental environment with dynamics for the development of cartographic and sensory writing, thus allowing a poetic germination of the body's writings. This video was made entirely through the dynamics of Word Body Laboratory in weekly online meetings between the artists from March to July 2020.

direction: aline bernardi

editing and editing: lia petrelli

performance, voices and texts: aline bernardi e lia petrelli


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