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(Un)Learning Program
Lab Corpo Palavra - 3 foto de helena Coo
Lab Corpo Palavra - 3 foto de helena Coo

The studies of the arts of the body and the scene are more than a way of making art through an expressive bias. It also reveals ways of thinking, feeling and living contemporaneity. This statement points to the need to consider the construction of states of presence as a path, a process of creation experienced along a timeline, necessarily non-linear, which involves many encounters and affections, in constant mutation. 


The purpose of Word Body Laboratory is to investigate and create acts of thought in a process of affecting and being affected by its marks through cartographic writings: "Thought is a kind of conceptual cartography whose raw material are the marks and that works as a reference universe for the modes of existence that we create, figures of a becoming. [Thought is vulnerable to its marks], chance of encounters, where differences are produced; the need to create a becoming-other that embodies them ." (Suely Rolnik). The relationships between people, imaginations and desires allow the production of a thought that accesses an expansion of the body discourse, in order to encompass aspects of the sensitive body in the construction of dialogues that enhance research and creation in the arts and studies of the body.


The (Un)Learning Program is the experimentation environment of cartographic, somatic, performatic writings, writings of/in/with the body. Practices for engaging with modes of (un)learning our relationship with the writing-body and the speech-body are offered here in different ways, namely:


1- Monitoring of processes (individual, duo, trio or group of study) for companies and/or artistic collectives and/or research centers.


2- Courses in steps - virtual edition (each step offers a route between 8 to 15 meetings)


3- Courses in face-to-face and extensive modules (each step has a period between 3 to 6 months, happening from 2x to 3x per week) 


4- Courses in face-to-face and intensive modules (period is negotiable)


5- Artistic Residency – period is negotiable.

For registration, information and hiring any course at Word Body Laboratory, please contact us via email:

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