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  • Ana Paula Bouzas

I can't talk about Aline

I know how to be with her. our tribe. a connection which is instantly established. swift as our wind. and strong and full of herself like our wind. spaces filled with crevices, inhabited and wide to move, intimate and yet so mysterious. so many projects!!!

I know that when you are with me in the idea, in space and in time, we are together in a stream of pure and dense energy... expansion and filling... and we explode, run over each other, look at each other, smile, and calm down...your sweet firmness slows me down. and then we follow...

such an immense pride to see the artist she is today! go, beautiful warrior! I'm going to fall for you from here and we shall... sewing our hammock, always... and swaying in our wind!

(Ana Paula Bouzas - actress and dancer)

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Then there was skin, feel, bone, temperature. In the Aline-time of flowing in time, we became accomplices, friends, sisters. For all poetry, for all dance, for all theatre, for dreams and for life...

Resolution and sweetness

Aline is a special person, she manages to combine resolution and sweetness, encouragement and criticism, she is generous, competent and humorous. Such an award to work with! (Bethi Albano - singer an


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