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Ligia Tourinho

Performer and Creator Artist

Dramaturgist of Celeiro Moebius


Artist and researcher of the Performing Arts. She is currently awarded by the main public notices in Brazil for her projects in Contemporary Dance and Performative

Theater. Creator of the Jogo Coreográfico Project / YouTube Channel.

PhD in Arts from the State University of Campinas (UNICAMP). Movement Analyst -

Laban Institute Movement Studies (Certified Movement Analyst - CMA / LIMS / NY, USA). Academic background, awards and publications can be found at the Lattes website. Coordinator and permanent professor of the Postgraduate Program in Dance at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (PPGDan/UFRJ).

She is one of the Directors of ANDA (National Association of Dance Researchers). Worked in several dance and theatre performances as a performer and as an artistic director.


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