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Artistic-Pedagogical Portfolio of the Word Body Lab

We highlight a few artistic-pedagogical actions and productions of Word Body Laboratory in recent years: 

  1. The Word Body Laboratory immersive residency: cartographic choreographies and dramaturgy, in virtual format, performed with 33 artists, educators and researchers from different regions of Brazil, at intergenerational ages - 17 to 55 years, awarded by Federal Law Aldir Blanc [2021] 

  2. The video performance "Encantografar: unknown state of verb", awarded by Federal Law Aldir Blanc [2021];

  3. A video dance "Mãoebius" which investigates the relationship hands with Moebius tape, influenced by the works of artists Lygia Clark and Yvonne Rainer, awarded by Federal Law Aldir Blanc [2021];

  4. The inauguration of the “Cadernos Sensórios Corpo Palavra”, with two ebooks already released: "Vertigem Infinita"; "Forças Intermoleculares" and "Texturas Translúcidas [2020-2021]

  5. Video art of poetic reading of the ebooks of the Collection Cadernos Sensórios Corpo Palavra

  6. The video art "writing: earth, water, sangua", which investigates ancestral writings with the organic ink of menstrual blood, carried out through the Funarte Respirarte Award [2020];

  7. Introductory class of Lab Corpo Palavra lasting 60 minutes (in Portuguese) with free content available on the youtube channel, awarded by Cultura Presente nas Redes [2020];

  8. (Un)Learning Program, offered through modules and other formats, currently in partnership with Faculdade Angel Vianna, in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil 

  9. Institutional path of Technical and Artistic Training with the Funarte Program (National Arts Foundation) carried out in partnership with technical and educational teaching centers 

  10. Video art of oral communication at the ANDA - National Association of Dance Researchers congress, on the adaptation of the training process of Lab Corpo Palavra to remote activities, in light of the Covid-19 pandemic;

  11. Participation in several congresses, seminars and scientific meetings in Brazil and abroad.

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