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  • Sofia Giliberti

Ethics of listening and exchange

Aline is one of the most important people in my life. With her I move my thoughts and my body, discover my shadows and intertwine my dreams and ideals.

(Photo by Julius Mack)

It's rare to find people with such a beautiful and profound presence, and being lucky enough to have met Aline on my path makes me speechless. She believes in and seeks an ethics of listening and exchange, of collectively creating new artistic and political worlds, moving her ideals with sweetness and growing firmness, remaining open to the unknown and difficulties.

Aline's gaze penetrates the depths of the soul, offering welcome and generating a little strangeness….Intensity, beauty, femininity, mystery, transparency and much more….friendship and true partnership.

(Sofia Giliberti - dancer, body therapist and CI researcher)

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Then there was skin, feel, bone, temperature. In the Aline-time of flowing in time, we became accomplices, friends, sisters. For all poetry, for all dance, for all theatre, for dreams and for life...


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