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  • Florencia Martinez - bailarina e terapeuta corporal

From artistic to personal

I found Aline at an Artistic Residency that was held in 2012 in Terra Una. We quickly developed a deep and empathic bond, in which we shared some work and feedback that fed our projects.

We are both dancers, with different projects, but with a similar search from the artistic to the personal. We share glances, phrases, chats, videos, teaching, improvisations, sincerity... moments.

At the time of finishing the residency, I return to Brazil, where we also share mother, family, friends, songs, misunderstandings, change of planes, intimacy and housing.

All of this makes Aline feel a bit like my sister, sort of those that are far away. As an artist and partner, I know that her gaze and her listening are close ... despite the distance.

(Florencia Martinez - dancer and body therapist)

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