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Marcelo Araya

Musical Director of Celeiro Moebius Performer and Artist Creator

Musician, composer, lyricist, performer, body artist, professor of musical arts and movement. Marcelo Araya holds a degree in Music Education and Pedagogy from Metropolitan University of Educational Sciences (UMCE) in Ñuñoa (Santiago, Chile). He is certified as a Circus Artist by the Chilean Ministry of Culture.

Interested in Latin American musical roots, both in essence and in progressive experimental fusion, in dialogue with body and voice. Co-founder of “Liv: Tecnologias Sustentables y Educación”, a series of educational and environmental activities in Santa Cruz, Chile. He was also a member of the environmental / educational project “Plastico Precioso Rio”, winning the Innovation Award and Top Ten Innovators Global 2018 at Shell Iniciativa Jovem award.


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