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Texturas Translúcidas

The third edition brings together the cartographies of the sensitive of the members of the two classes of Module I (ethical, aesthetic and political axes) of the (Un)Learning Programme - Virtual Edition. The publishing label is also dedicated to giving visibility to minority political agendas, as it perceives the insurgence of the need we have to talk about and raise awareness of the existence of issues such as racism, ableism, machism, sexism, phobias to gender diversity that operate violence in the social fabric.

In this third book of the collection, we first invited Luciano Dias, black psychoanalyst, researcher of racial relations in psychoanalysis and member of the (Un)Learning Programme of the Lab. Having already concluded modules I, II and III, he arrives here with his poetics within the collective and also signs the introductory text of this new edition. Another invitation we opened was the space for poetics and political perspectives of artists, researchers and educators with non-hegemonic bodies.


Conception: Aline Bernardi and Lia Petrelli

Proposition, Creation and Dramaturgy: Aline Bernardi

Introduction: Luciano Dias

Graphic Design and Cover: Lia Petrelli

Artists, educators and teachers (members of Word Body Laboratory): Flávia Muniz, Marcelo Araya, Luciano Dias, Luciana Bowen, Prashanti Prem, Elisa Tonon, Flavia Dalla, Ed Di Lallo, Jonaira Bonfim, Cléverson Rêgo, Tainá Dias, Joyce Firme, Vitor Farias, Juliana Cordaro, Irene Milhomens, Laura Addor

Artists, Educators and guest professors: Edu Ó, Moira Braga, Ariadne Antico e Atanael Weber

Editorial Board: Katya Gualter, Ligia Tourinho, Márcia Feijó e Tania Alice.


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