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Vertigem Infinita | Spring 2020 ed.

In this first edition, we gathered the production of texts, drawings, images, photographs, collages of sensitive cartographies made by members of the first group of Module I (ethical, aesthetic and political axes) of the (Un)Learning Program - Virtual Edition. In this field of germination and sharing of writings from other thoughts, and affected by debates about racism, we created a space in this issue of visibility to the production of black thought, contributing to the actions of anti-racist policies.

The article "Thought, body and becoming: an ethical/aesthetic/political perspective in academic work", by the psychoanalyst and philosopher Suely Rolnik, was used as a guide for the dynamics experienced collectively. Throughout 2020, “Vertigem Infinita” was launched in different national and international events, highlighting the launch event of the Postgraduate Dance Program Youtube Channel PPGDan / UFRJ watch?v=PDdRufjVFVk and at the III International Colloquium on Investigación en Artes at the University of Caldas in Colombia

Access the video with the Poetic Readings of "Vertigem Infinita":


Author and Conception: Aline Bernardi and Lia Petrelli

Proposition and Creation: Aline Bernardi

Graphic Design and Cover: Lia Petrelli

Revision: Aline Bernardi

Artists, educators and teachers (members of Word Body Laboratory): Gabriela Camargo, Maitê Bumachar, Ailime Huckembeck, Livia Renó, Lia Petrelli, Marcelo Lavin, Fabiola Brandão, Manuela Kemper, Ingrid Crespo, Fernanda Más, Luza Basso, Aline Bernardi, Iva França, Nathalia Pinheiro, Pedro Pietracci

Artists, Educators and guest professors: Jéssica Barbosa, Genilson Leite, Marlúcia Ferreira, Karen Mirelly, Marcus Liberato, Livia Prado

Editorial Board: Hélia Borges, Ligia Tourinho, Ignez Calfa and Olivia von der Weid


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