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The pleasure of making art

Working with Aline means being ready to share risks and lessons learned. Also share the pleasure of making art; the pleasure is visible in the sparkle in her eyes and her engagement with work.

During the technical training at Escola Angel Vianna, we worked together several times, by affinity. I like strong women (lol). And we went on some fun and deep journeys/experiments together at the amazing Angel Vianna presentations and during the graduation process.

Afterward, I moved away from the world of dance, but I followed her growth and her dedication to the body and to the art. Her path is beautiful and solid. We worked together again when I was taking the Screenplay course at the Darcy Ribeiro Film School and I invited her to be in a video dance. Everyone was delighted with her strength on stage, or rather, in the video.

More recently, we were together in the project of another videodança, Zoé, which is being finalized. It was an amazing experience. This time she was behind the camera as a choreographer. Once again taking risks, learning, and above all, gathering around her a great group of dancers. May many more meetings come.

(Guilherme Frederico - screenwriter and journalist)

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