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A more vital and present body

The movement proposals devised by Aline Bernardi, as well as her continuous experimentations that bring together dance, performance, sound, and writing, certainly collaborate in the opening of a more vital and present body.

The lines that open up in this permanent deterritorialization and reterritorialization make the normally melancholic and repetitive status of the movement that we experience as an everyday pattern escape. This process, I believe, involves an opening through the skin.

Aline's work allows me to temporarily create a body that sees everything. This happens because of the constant contaminations between practices, dance, and writing, poetry and sound. More than improvising and provoking contact, the agitations provoked by her proposals make affections rub up against each other, as in a process of contagion.

Aline pierces the real and is not content with just representing it. Her proposals are already the actual happening of creating more vital territories, different from the spectacular context in which modern cities present themselves.

(Daniela Avellar - Psychologist and Master in Contemporary Studies of the Arts from UFF/RJ)

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