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‘Cadernos Sensórios Corpo Palavra’ collection is the editorial label of Word Body Laboratory. It aims to be a space for dialogue between the multiple poetics of body writings that emerge from the laboratory experience. The publication of the ebooks offers a cartographic dramaturgy along with a graphic project with image textures, and they are available for free reading through the ISSU virtual platform. The first ebook published is the Spring 2020 edition and is called “Vertigem Infinita”; the second ebook published is the Summer 2021 edition and is called “Forças Intermoleculares”; and the third ebook published is the Autumn-Winter 2021 edition and is called "Texturas Translúcidas"


We hope that every reader can enjoy these pages in a state of dance: try reading while walking in a garden or on some street in your city, hand these writings while eating something that sharpens the palate, if something read or seen throughout the magazine makes you want to move your body, let this sensation take you. Try the letters as a gesture incarnated in your daily life. Leave the door open for any possibility of being surprised with some respiratory change, perhaps a shiver of body hair. Smell the words and allow yourself a playful break in reading, moving, thinking, feeling. Silence every time you hear this call!

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